Gorgeous winter’s day

2 08 2014

Yesterday was one of those amazing winter days — clear blue skies, green everywhere, mild temperatures, no wind. A perfect day for a walk. So I took my new camera and set of on the ~3 km walk ‘around the block’. Normally this walk takes me about 40 to 45 minutes, but yesterday I was gone nearly two hours as I stopped along the way to take lots of photos (more than 150!), took little detours off the path, etc.

The photo below is a sample of what the day looked like. In this photo are some winter ponds (these are mostly dry in summer), and in the far distance is the estuary, and behind the estuary is the sand dune peninsula between the estuary and the Indian Ocean. And no, I don’t know why the owners of the 5-10 acre property shown here have a yacht in their backyard! (Click on the photo to view it larger, then click on it again to view it full size.).




One response

9 08 2014
Dawn C.

wow – very pretty scenery.

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