23 06 2014

Back in February, I used a photo on fabric of my friend Char’s dog Cassie for one of my thread painting ‘portraits’ at Pam Holland’s class at Empty Spools, Asilomar (Pacific Grove, California). You can see the progress of this piece here:

I finished it off a few weeks go and sent it to Char, who lives near in Boston. A lot has happened since I made this piece — after many years of faithful companionship, Cassie has left Char’s family to play with all those dogs in the big dog park in the sky; Char has had a kidney transplant (within hours of notification, it was done and she’s healthier than she’s been in several decades); and she’s getting a new dog from her friend Sassie — the new dog was trained to be a guide dog for Sassie, but couldn’t cope with aircraft, so has had to be retired from that program.

I hope Char and her family like this memory of their beloved Cassie.




The back showing the thread stitching before I added some stiff interfacing and covered it with the same fabric as the background fabric




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8 07 2014
Dawn C.


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