Community Quilt 120

4 11 2013

This was a pretty little quilt, but oh, those joins! Some were OK and nice a flat shwoing that the quilt maker had butted them up correctly, but the others weren’t, meaning that some 8+ layers of fabric were jammed into one spot. I had to go around them to avoid breaking my needle and damaging my machine.

One of the fabrics in the centre and the outside border fabric was a muted poinsettia, so I used that as the inspiration for the pointed flower motifs in each block. The second border fabric was a nice muted check, so I stitched along its lines and then stitch cathedral/castle window shapes into the big border to hold it down.

I used one of my favourite threads — ‘Driftwood’ (a Fil-Tec Harmony thread) — which has a lovely variegated mix of grey, tan, beige, and other lovely colours.

(Click on a photo to view it larger)




This join was nice and flat


This join was just a mess of fabric all bunched in together







Threads used

  • Top: Fil-Tec Harmony ‘Driftwood’ (cotton, 40 wt, colour #14069)
  • Bottom: Wonderfil Deco Bob in a soft pink (80 wt, colour DB 205)

Driftwood thread





3 responses

5 11 2013

That thread (“Driftwood”) is definitely one variegated thread that works in a lot of places!! Very clever/appropriate stitching motifs. Another great finish, Rhonda!!! Hugs…..

7 11 2013
Dawn C.

I love the colors and the fabric. Came out really great!

11 12 2020
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