Oh no!

22 04 2013

There I was on Sunday afternoon — happily in my quilting zone, when all of a sudden something happened with my machine. I’ve learnt to listen to the ‘hum and purr’ of my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen and to stop immediately if anything sounds different.

This time it was a snapped needle — my second in a couple of weeks. In hindsight, I wonder if the first needle breakage put the timing out a tad and this caused the second one to go. Since the first needle snap (the first needle to break in 7.5+ million stitches), I’ve had all sorts of little issues — tension issues, skipped stitches etc. Nothing too bad, but annoying and time-consuming to fiddle with and fix. I’m also wondering if it’s the needle — this one was a Schmetz size 16, and I’m pretty sure the previous one that broke was a Schmetz too (I normally use the Groz-Beckert needles, but the only 16s I had were the Schmetzs supplied when I purchased the machine).

Anyhow, this needle is stuck firm in the bobbin case housing. No amount of pulling by me or my husband using needle-nose pliers, tweezers etc. would budge it.


Today I called the local sewing machine repair guy, but he can’t look at it for another two weeks at least. So I called my dealer in Perth and found out that her technician is in tomorrow and only has one machine scheduled for service etc. So I drove to Perth and back today to drop off my machine — of my 6+ hours out of the house today, 4+ were driving hours. At least the weather was great for driving!

With luck, the technician will be able to remove the needle tip tomorrow and reset the timing (which will be well and truly out) and that will be it and my husband can drive up to collect my ‘Bee’. The worst-case scenario is that I have to have the whole hook assembly replaced, which will entail not only an expense I wasn’t expecting, but also a longer wait for the part to come from Sydney or, even worse, from the US.

I’m sensing withdrawal symptoms already… 😉

Update 23 April 2013: The technician called. She was able to remove the needle tip and reset the timing, all for just under $50 (it seems a replacement assembly is about $500 [!], so I was lucky no further damage was caused). And there’s a bonus too — she’s heading down south for a few days, and so will bring the machine with her and I will pick it up from where she’s staying about 40 mins from here, so I don’t have to drive to Perth and back again.



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22 04 2013

Oh no indeed! I probably felt the same when my microscope was out of action – I immediately HAD to use it.

23 04 2013

OH NO!!!! I totally feel your pain!!!! G-B are the only needles I have and some were supplied with the machine. Didn’t even know that Schmetz has needles for the SS. It would be quite the adjustment for me if (when?) that would happen to me. Last week, DH and I made the 120 (only) mile round trip to my dealer to have the 3rd light ring installed. As was stated on the forum and by my sweet dealer, it is from a different vendor and totally different….and much brighter!…..than the last 2. HQ acknowledges major vendor issues. I pray that all goes smoothly and you are reunited with your Sweetie soon! Hugs, D

23 04 2013

Yup… I thought G-B were the only needles we were allowed to use. They came with my machine also. I purchased more and have been very careful to make sure all the numbers match up on the package. Hope I don’t have the light problem. I got mine later in December, so hopefully they switched vendors by then.

25 04 2013

reply to Update: YIPPEE!!!!!

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