Quilting Adventures Spring Seminar: Day 4: 14 March 2013

15 03 2013

Our last full day today…<sad>

For some, this was their last day as they had to leave before the official finishing time on Friday.

Most of the day was spent consolidating our pieces, getting as much advice from Velda as we could, joking around, enjoying each other’s company, etc. Velda helped me add some more shadow and depth to my piece, using Copic Sketch Markers (great tools!), then I put a piece of very light batting on the back as a stabiliser (the on-site pop-up shop didn’t have any stabiliser, so I made do with the batting), and stitched around all the main pieces in invisible thread, then stitched the lesser petals also in invisible thread. Either the sewing machine, me, or the thread didn’t like each other, so I stopped sewing after doing the lesser petals and decided to wait until I got home and on my own (familiar) machine before continuing. I might even unpick all the stitching done so far and start again with a better, more solid stabiliser, as the batting caused quite a lot of puckering, which I don’t want just yet.

By 4 pm we were all cleaned up ready for the end of seminar ‘walkthrough’ where we wander into all the other classes and check out what everyone’s been doing. And have a good look at what the fellow students in our own class have been working on. I also had a guest with me — Karel had joined me from San Antonio, and had as much fun as me marvelling over the work that everyone has done this week.

After the walkthrough, it was time for drinks and an early dinner, then the final tutor presentation of the seminar series, this time by Velda. She got a rousing reception from her students 😉 And deservedly so too. If everyone has learnt as much as I have this week, then we will all go home buzzing with new ideas and inspirations. And a much greater respect and admiration for humble cheesecloth! Karel had to leave immediately after the presentation as she wanted to get home before dark if she could (it had taken her over an hour to drive the 40 miles from her home…)

Food today:

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon, link sausage, pancakes, syrup, cereals, fruit, fruit juices, toast, etc. (only cereal and half a bacon sandwich for me)
  • Lunch: Make-your-own chicken burger or hamburger, salad, all the mustards, pickles, onions etc. for the burgers, fries, some sort of pie with pecans on top (it was ‘Pi Day’ today in all countries that use the mm/dd/yyyy date system)
  • Dinner: Fettuccine with chicken and/or meatballs, various sauces, various grated cheeses, salad stuff, garlic bread, strawberry cheescake

I’ve commented on the photos, as appropriate; click on a photo to view it larger.

Rayna’s class

Rayna’s students did a lot of slicing and dicing. They were to bring in old, unloved, blocks and scraps of fabric and convert the blocks into something vibrant and new. Everyone succeeded at that task, in fascinating and inspirational ways. In each of these photos, the ‘ugly’ block(s) are displayed, as well as what came out of slicing and dicing and rearranging those blocks and adding extra fabrics to them. Who said some blocks were so ugly they were only fit for throwing out? In some cases, it’s hard to see where the remnants of the old blocks are, but look carefully and you’ll find them.

There first four photos are of the students’ work; the last one’s in this section are Rayna’s work.









Robbi’s class

All of Robbi’s work with this class with with fusible applique. It looks really difficult, but the students I spoke to said it was actually pretty easy to do.




Back of one of Robbi's sample quilts

Back of one of Robbi’s sample quilts — she always matches her bobbin thread to the top thread

Another of Robbi's sample quilt backs

Another of Robbi’s sample quilt backs


Very cool and simple binding technique from Robbi

Very cool and simple binding technique from Robbi



Velda’s class

We were all busy little beavers today…





Cherrie discovering the power of Copic Sketch Markers

Cherrie discovering the power of Copic Sketch Markers

Sue's cabbage -- in progress

Velda signs and labels her quilts in an unusual way

Velda signs and labels her quilts in an unusual way — she hand stitches the details onto the backing fabric after the quilt has been quilted

Most of us also displayed the photo that was our inspiration, along with our practice pieces from Monday.

Sara's lily

Sara’s lily

Paula's butterflies

Paula’s butterflies

Cherrie's azaleas

Cherrie’s azaleas

Rosann's lily

Rosann’s lily

Harla's alligator gar

Harla’s alligator gar

Harla's alligator gar - fin

Harla’s alligator gar – fin; note the iridescence from the white iridescent paint she used

Kay's foxgloves

Kay’s foxgloves

Suzanne's butterfly

Suzanne’s butterfly

Close-up of Suzanne's butterfly

Close-up of Suzanne’s butterfly

Yolanda's frangipani (plumeria)

Yolanda’s frangipani (plumeria)

Sue's vegetables

Sue’s vegetables — that cabbage looks good enough to eat!

Patricia's vegetables

Patricia’s vegetables

Barbara's autumn leaves

Barbara’s autumn leaves

Victoria's shells

Victoria’s shells

Susan's mossy log and leaves

My progress

After Velda's help in adding more shadow and depth

After Velda’s help in adding more shadow and depth

After initial outline stitching/stitch in the ditch in invisible thread

After initial outline stitching/stitch in the ditch in invisible thread

After adding stitching on  lesser petals in invisible thread

After adding stitching on lesser petals in invisible thread

Today’s food






Tomato ketchup with pecan pie???

Tomato ketchup with pecan pie??? No, Cherrie didn’t see the need for another plate, so she put the ketchup for her fries on the plate with the pie. She shifted the pie to another plate when she got back to the table, but not before I took this photo to ‘prove’ the Americans eat strange combinations of food 😉

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15 03 2013
15 03 2013
15 03 2013
15 03 2013

I am totally blown away, once again, by the creativity of all the participants! Velda was obviously very “connected” to her craft and able to convey so much to you all.
I imagine that your menus will be a wee bit different once you arrive home!! Either that or a totally new wardrobe will be in our future!!! Love the catsup/pie photo!!!
Can’t wait to see how your piece finishes!! Hugs, Doreen

17 03 2013
29 03 2013
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