US trip 2013: Day 4: Monday 4 March

4 03 2013

No doubt today’s missive will be quite a bit shorter as we start the first day of the first conference today. I’ll be posting my conference summaries on my professional blog:

After the brilliant sleep I had on Saturday night, last night’s was terrible. It took ages to fall asleep, and the sleep I did have was in fits and starts — it seemed like I was awake most of the night, but in a semi-conscious state, not fully awake as jet lag tends to do. Anyhoo… I’m up now and showered and almost ready to wander downstairs for breakfast and conference registration. The first session starts at 9, in an hour’s time.

More later…

Well, as it happened, there wasn’t much more to my day. It was filled with conference stuff. I ended up having one of the OMG plums for dinner as I had eaten well all day, wrote up my blog piece about the conference and went to bed.



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