Community Quilt 47

1 01 2013

Well, if I loved the previous quilt because of its fresh bright colours, I loved this one equally for the maker’s brilliant use of colours and fabrics.

The design reminded me of some native American art I’ve seen in places like Arizona and New Mexico. I had to let this quilt sit for a while, while I decided how to quilt it. Then I remembered that I’d downloaded an image of a free motion quilt design some time back of a Navajo sun — that would fit perfectly! In essence the sun design is a spiral in the centre, radiating out into freeform arms.

I started with the ones in the ‘white spaces’ first, thinking I might do something different in the coloured sections. But I ended up staying with the same sun motif in the coloured sections too. However, the border fabric was quite geometric and I thought that the squared off open headband motif would work well there.

I was pleased with how this one turned out. It was a beautifully made top and I wanted the quilting to enhance this beauty.

Click on a photo to view it larger.









2 responses

1 01 2013

Very nice!!!!!

2 01 2013

fabulous quilting choice again – great work Rhonda!

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