Community Quilt 46

1 01 2013

I love this quilt! I love the colours, the fabrics (all the same but in different colourways), and the background fabric (like a very small seersucker of old). The large circles just lent themselves to a circular quilting motif, so bubbles/pebbles it was!

I stitched the bubbles in each coloured sector in a thread that matched the fabric colour, and in a crisp white on the background fabric. I had lots of fun doing this quilt — probably because the fabrics were such fun to work with. Even the backing fabric was bright and cheerful šŸ˜‰

Click on a photo to view it larger.







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1 01 2013
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1 01 2013

Did you SID and then all the green areas, then all the blue areas, etc??

2 01 2013

No ‘stitch in the ditch at all on this one. But yes, I did each coloured area — all the pinks, all the blues etc. Then I did the white background.

2 01 2013

this one is going to bring a big smile to a little girl’s face – looks fabbo!

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