Challenge 2011: Other monochromatic quilts

15 10 2011

One of the delights of our annual retreat is seeing how the other gals met the challenge set the previous year. Their friendship and general awesomeness is pretty great too ;-), but this post will just focus on the quilts made by the five of us to meet the monochromatic challenge set by Flora.

Considering how many colours there are, it was a complete surprise that we’d all created pieces using the same sector of the colour wheel — there were two blue quilts, two purple quilts, and one pink one (mine).

The entire piece (except for the batting) had to be created using one colour only — top fabric, backing fabric, all threads. And there was to be no other colour in the selected colour — so no creams, greys, blacks, whites, silver, gold, or any other colour that contaminated our chosen colour. However, we could use as many shades of our chosen colour as we wanted, as long as it was ONLY that colour.

Here are the quilts we made to meet the monochromatic challenge; click on a small image to see the larger size.




4 responses

15 10 2011

Those quilts are great!! interesting ….

15 10 2011
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15 10 2011

Just wow.

8 07 2015
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