Black and gold table runner – finished

25 04 2011

I’ve finally completed some of the projects that were still outstanding from when I returned from the Eleanor Burns Quilting Academy in California last month.

First cab off the rank is the black and gold table runner I made in Eleanor’s class (see for details). She’s signed the label too!

I added insulated batting and my own backing fabric, then spent many hours free motion quilting it. These were the first feathers I free motion quilted after a couple of weeks of doodling them!

I was surprised how easy they were to do after doodling. Something about a brain shift and a hand/eye coordination thing, even though doodling is the direct opposite to free motion quilting on a domestic sewing machine. With doodling you have paper that’s kept static while you move the pen; on a sewing machine, you have a static needle (pen) and you move the quilt (paper) under that needle. I doubt I could do that with real pen and paper!

I’ve now added this table runner to my Etsy store ( SOLD! See my comment below.

Click on a small photo below to show it full size, then click on it again in full size mode to zoom in to see the stitching.



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25 04 2011
Quilting Academy: Day 2, March 2011 « At Random

[…] Black and gold table runner – finished […]

30 04 2011

And in breaking news, my good friend Char has just purchased this for her home near Boston, MA.

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