Smoke gets in your eyes… and nose…

29 04 2010

We left our last location to get away from the threat of bushfires and the smoke from controlled and uncontrolled burns. So far, so good. Until 5 days ago. That’s when we started smelling smoke — just a little to start with. Two days ago that little became a LOT.

The local shire is doing a lot of controlled burns in the region at the moment, and the smoke is really bad. We’ve had the windows closed totally for the past 3 days, but still it wafts in. The mornings are the worst as the cool night air puts a blanket over the thick smoke and won’t let it escape. Add to that little or no sea breezes for the past week, and the smoke just keeps hanging around.

Usually by the afternoon, it’s lifted a little. And we’re getting the most spectacular and colourful sunrises and sunsets. However, I’d just like to open the windows or get on my bike and get some fresh air. I feel really sorry for those who have respiratory conditions — this must be a really bad time for them.

I took the pictures below while driving home from the shops at noon today. They give just a hint of how this smoke is hanging around.

That line on the horizon? That's the sand dunes on the other side of the inlet -- they're usually clear and sharp enough to see the dunes poking above some of the trees

Smoke haze through the trees

See also: Local news report on these controlled burns with pictures taken in the morning of the Bunbury Port shrouded in smoke:



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