What’s that pulling Santa’s sleigh?

22 12 2009

Regular followers of this blog will know that I’ve been in reasonably regular contact with an entomologist (Martyn) at the Australian Museum in Sydney — I’ve been sending him specimens of a native cockroach that lives around here (see the links below the photo for why).

Well, he sent me a Christmas greeting today, accompanied by this picture (attributable to Ali Edwards, Senior Rights Adviser, Right Management from the ABC). I’ve heard of ‘Six white boomers’ pulling Santa’s sleigh, but not seven cockroaches!

BTW, in his Christmas greeting, Martyn said:

Your cockroach is currently getting very large eating raw mushroom. No sign of eggs yet but fingers crossed.

See also:

[Links last checked December 2009]



3 responses

22 12 2009

I’m not sure if “dashing” is the right verb here, but there is snow:


22 12 2009

Eww! Not sure I should’ve clicked on that link, Steph! 😉 Wonder what happened to that poor reindeer relative…

4 01 2010
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