Craft show items added to Etsy store

12 12 2009

I made quite a few things prior to last weekend’s craft show, none of which I put into my Etsy store — there was no point paying Etsy’s listing fee and taking photos, writing descriptions etc. if the item sold at the craft fair!

It’s been pretty hot outside today, so I took the opportunity to stay indoors, take and upload photos, write up descriptions, etc. for all those extra goodies I made over the past few weeks.

Here are the journal covers and plate mats (large coasters for the table) I added today. I really enjoyed creating the ‘Channelling Piet Mondrian‘ journal cover and love how it turned out, but it took FOREVER! It had been in the making in my head for a while, but the actual execution took about 8 hours…)

(Regular and perceptive readers of this blog may recognise a few of those ‘plate mats’ — they were left over leaves from my dragonfly quilt and left over blocks from my South of the Border quilt! I fused them to the stiff interfacing I use, then free motion stitched them with various threads, fused fabric to the back and finished them off with a tight satin stitch around the edge.)



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