The tooth is gone

15 11 2009

We drove to Perth on Friday for my appointment with the oral surgeon and the anaesthestist at St John of God Medical Centre, Murdoch, Day Procedure Unit. What I remember of the afternoon:

  • Hospital gowns haven’t improved. They still fall off, ride up, etc. However, the staff here give you a bathrobe so that helps a bit.
  • The logistics of getting a person admitted, through to discharge are quite amazing. The number of people you deal with is impressive, and each one of them confirms your name and DOB.
  • Anaesthestic drugs are quick! I got the small jab for the cannula (?), followed by the good stuff. I remember saying that the light above the operating table was going funny and next I knew I was waking up in Recovery. It probably took less than 10 seconds for me to go completely under.
  • After surgery, my head and half my face were swathed in a balaclava-like stretch mesh net. My face was swollen and half my mouth looked like it was sliding off my skull! The idea of the net is to hold the ice pack against your cheek. My husband said he got a real scare when he saw me!
  • I was out of hospital by 5 pm and we were on the road to Mandurah soon after. We stayed overnight in Mandurah and I had two ice cold sorbets for dinner. I was under strict instructions to have soft, sloppy, cold things like ice-cream.
  • I was given antibiotics and strong painkillers on discharge from the hospital. I took two painkillers that night — just in case. But I had no pain at all.
  • Next morning all the swelling had gone, and I felt great. No pain. Except for the gap where my tooth was, and some stitches I can feel with my tongue, you wouldn’t know I’d had surgery.
  • Swishing hot salty water around your mouth is unpleasant. I have to do it four times a day, and it doesn’t get any easier. At least I don’t have to swallow it.

So far, it’s all good!