Journal covers

20 10 2009

I found a great pattern for a journal cover in a quilting magazine recently. I’d been meaning to try one out after my friend Whitney suggested it a few months back. But I just hadn’t seen a pattern I was inspired by.

So this weekend, I took the plunge and decided to make a journal cover from that pattern using a piece of batik I’d cut up into curves and sewn back together again at our retreat at the end of September (thanks for teaching me that technique, Michelle!).

I really liked how the covers turned out, and so I made some more — five altogether, and I have plans for another five at least! They’re pretty easy to make, but it takes a lot of time to do all the embellishing and decoration. Also, the materials cost a bit — one A5-size journal cover uses up much of two fat quarters (one for the cover, one for the lining) plus a decent size piece of quilt batting. So each one costs around $15 before I even start.

Here are pictures of the first five journal covers I made (the Fall Flowers one is already sold — Whitney saw it and just had to have it!) — they are all available for sale from my Etsy store:



One response

20 10 2009

They look very nice, particularly the blue wavy ones. I feel the urge to write bad poetry 🙂

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