Green, green, green

7 10 2009

I stayed at Rydge’s in Perth when I was in the city recently, and had dinner in their CBD Restaurant. Instead of a main course, I had two entrees (appetizers for my American readers) from their Spring Menu. Both dishes were vegetarian (not deliberate — I’m very much a carnivore!) and both were delicious.

My first entree was ‘Spring Pea and Spinach Soup, with Persian Feta and half a Baguette’ — it was VERY bright green set against the bright white shallow soup bowl, and very nice. The second was the ‘Fresh Green Asparagus, Twice-baked Gruyere Souffle, with Hollandaise Sauce’. It was also delicious, but it was lukewarm, so not as tasty as it would have been had it been served hot. I’m not sure if it was meant to be lukewarm — but I think hot would’ve been much nicer.

It was green, green, green and vegetarian all the way…

(If you want to see the colour of the spring pea soup, this is pretty close:



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