Finished wholesale order

25 07 2009

By grabbing an hour or so each afternoon after finishing work, as well as this morning (Saturday), I’ve been able to make all 32 coasters for the wholesale order I received last week.

My customer chose two main fabrics from my stash — an orange flower on black, and a cream with a gold paisley pattern. I used a matching backing fabric for each main fabric, and several matching threads for the free motion quilting I did on them. When it came to finishing, I used various thread colours for the satin stitching — each set of four is finished with a different colour (exception: eight of the cream/gold fabric coasters have the same edge finish as that colour matched really well).

For each main fabric, I did one set of four coasters in gold metallic thread. But metallic thread — while pretty — is a sod of a thing to use even with a topstitch needle…

Here are pictures of the finished coasters:

Want your own? Then check my Etsy store for coasters and other goodies I’ve already made.



One response

27 07 2009

they look so awesome đŸ™‚

congrats on your first order.

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