Don’t try this at home

25 05 2009

So, there I was, happily free motion quilting away on a big piece of fabric… I got to an edge and stopped to relax my shoulders a bit (free motion quilting requires a LOT of concentration — making sure your fingers don’t go under the needle for one!, watching where your stitching is going so that you don’t cross any other line of stitching [for stippling], checking that the ‘pattern’ you’re following in your head is still coming out right, etc.).

And when I stopped to check my work I realised that something was wrong — I’d stitched the overhanging piece of fabric to the back! Arrggh! This meant a LOT of unpicking and then trying to join up the ends and get back into the rhythm of the quilting without the joins being noticeable. That added at least an extra 30 minutes to the project’s time, but I think I got it right.

Here’s a pic of what NOT to do:

Oops! Pin the excess fabric back BEFORE starting free motion quilting

Oops! Pin the excess fabric back BEFORE starting free motion quilting



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6 06 2009
A frog he would a wooin’ go « At Random

[…] had fun making it and adapting the pattern, even though I stuffed up the free motion quilting at one point and had to unpick a big section. I added a bonus luggage tag in the same fabrics […]

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