What does the Australian Museum want with a cockroach?

14 05 2009

A couple of years back I found this strange looking cockroach-type thing on the outside wall of our house. I took a photo, much to my husband’s chagrin and head shaking wondering why.

I also tried to find out what it was and had a little success, but not a lot. And I posted the photo to Webshots where I store all my digital photo albums, then promptly forgot about it.

Last night I got a comment on my photo — someone from the Australian Museum wants to get in touch with me and for me to hang on to any more that I find! I don’t know why yet — maybe I found a rare species? But how cool is that!

I’ll let you know more after the person responds to my email and I find out why he wants me to hang on to any more that I find.

See also: https://sandgroper14.wordpress.com/2009/05/14/heres-the-deal-with-the-cockroach/



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14 05 2009
Here’s the deal with the cockroach « At Random

[…] variation. I also learned that diurnal cockroaches (those that hang out in the daylight hours, like ‘my’ native cockroach) are pretty rare and that scientists are researching their properties for sunblock applications, […]

22 12 2009
4 01 2010
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