Japanese Meshwork

27 09 2008

I spent part of today at a quilting workshop in town learning how to do Japanese Meshwork. Earlier in the week I spent a few hours making the bias strips I used in my ‘tumbling blocks’ piece. A word about these bias strips—they aren’t made from the bias of the fabric. They’re cut on the straight grain, then put through some type of bias tape maker to create the double-fold strips.

Japanese Meshwork has no sewing in it, until you need to add borders etc. It’s all about weaving the fabric. And it takes some time to get the technique right. However, within a few hours all five of us at the workshop had a handle on it, though whether I could repeat the technique at a later date remains to be seen!

Here are some of our efforts:

My Christmas Japanese Meshwork piece - 9 in square

My Christmas Tumbling Blocks - Japanese Meshwork piece (9 in square)

Bobbie's Cafe Blocks

Bobbie's Cafe Blocks (9 in square)

Jane's stars and diamonds

Jane's stars and diamonds (6 x 12 in)

Flora's lattice

Flora's lattice - in progress (6 x 12 in)

Using the bodkin to weave the strips

Using the bodkin to weave the strips

See also: Japanese Meshwork: Finished



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2 10 2008
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26 10 2008
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23 04 2010

me encanta la tecnica de meshwork. por favor quien me puede colaborar, pues no se como se trabaja.mil gracias

10 12 2010
sorany lopez

me encanta esta tecnica de meshworks o malla. me gustaria poder hacer los cubos, sera que alguien me puede colaborar, les agradezco, mi correo es sogujo@hotmail.com. por favor me pueden escribir. gracias

2 12 2016

Rhonda, I am really loving the look of Flora’s Lattice. Is this your design? Is there a pattern for it? Thank you.

2 12 2016

Hi Lynda

Not my design and I don’t have a pattern for it. Sorry.


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