Half a world away

29 04 2008

I freaked out a friend of mine this morning. She lives on the east coast of the US, and I live on the west coast of Australia. Here’s an edited version of the IM chat we had this morning:

Me: So, when were you going to tell me you were in hospital????
Her: Excuse me??? I just got admitted an hour ago!
Me: Exactly! I’m psychic! 😉
Her: You had to have talked to [husband]
Me: Nope
Her: No one else knows I’m here! ???
Me: Yes they do… keep guessing… not [your son] either… keep thinking
Her: Who?
Me: lol
Her: Heck, they only decided to admit me 3 hrs ago
Me: You drove yourself there, right?
Her: Well, yeah. You got a tracer on my car?
Me: And you have a blood clot, right?
Her: Yes
Me: And you’ve had swollen legs for 3 weeks, right?
Her: Yes. OK, this is freaking me out
Me: And you’re not meant to go up stairs, right?
Her: Right
Her: I didn’t even twitter [Aside: I seriously think she was panicking by now!!]
Me: I can’t keep you in suspense too much longer… who’s birthday is it today?
Her: Oh, duh.

By some weird coincidence, I’d emailed birthday wishes to a friend of hers 24 hours too early. Her friend’s reply email told me the details (including how she’d driven my friend’s husband and son to the hospital just a few minutes earlier), so I decided to play games with her head!

You can run, but you can’t hide! Even from half a world away…

BTW, diagnosis: DVT.