Done and dusted…

13 12 2006

Well, we signed the Offer and Acceptance form on our house this afternoon! We ended up selling for a little less than the figure we had in our heads, but we should make that up by parking the money for the next 6 months or so anyway.

So, it’s sold! And now comes the hard part of packing up, throwing out, storing some 16+ years of STUFF we accumulated while being here! We’ve done some already in anticipation, but there’s still a way to go. But now that the house is sold, there’s an extra incentive – not least of which is that Settlement is at the end of January!

I feel good about this -and I know in my gut that we sold at just the right time. The market peaked a few weeks ago, in my opinion, and had we not accepted this offer (the ONLY offer) then we could still be hanging out for our price in 3-6 months time… and not getting it. I think the market has turned, so I believe we sold just after the top of the peak.



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14 12 2006
Suzy Q

Congratulations! You must be so pleased and relieved. Think of the packing as meditation. And when that doesn’t work just start giving stuff to Vinnies.

18 12 2006

Congratulations! That’s fantastic news.

With a little luck we’ll have similar news ourselves soon.

18 12 2006

Craig – I *so* hope you do. You can be sure I’ll read about it on your blog when it happens! We took a bit less than we wanted, but it’s done and we move on from here. Ultimately we had to look at the big picture of where we wanted to be in 6 months time – down in the country town doing the tree change thing, or still hanging around Perth having “home opens” ad infinitum waiting for the elusive buyer whos price was the same as what we wanted. We took the first option…

20 12 2006
Updates from the past week « At Random

[…] Since we accepted the offer on the house last Wed (13 Dec), things have been moving at a fair clip. The purchasers have agreed to a later settlement date (’closing date’ for those of you in North America) of Feb 20, 2007; the building inspection was done last Friday; the bank valuation was done today; the deposit was paid today; and my other half purchased some 50 packing boxes from a removals company yesterday, as well as making calls to the cable company about what to do to get satellite when we move, etc. […]

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