Done and dusted…

13 12 2006

Well, we signed the Offer and Acceptance form on our house this afternoon! We ended up selling for a little less than the figure we had in our heads, but we should make that up by parking the money for the next 6 months or so anyway.

So, it’s sold! And now comes the hard part of packing up, throwing out, storing some 16+ years of STUFF we accumulated while being here! We’ve done some already in anticipation, but there’s still a way to go. But now that the house is sold, there’s an extra incentive – not least of which is that Settlement is at the end of January!

I feel good about this -and I know in my gut that we sold at just the right time. The market peaked a few weeks ago, in my opinion, and had we not accepted this offer (the ONLY offer) then we could still be hanging out for our price in 3-6 months time… and not getting it. I think the market has turned, so I believe we sold just after the top of the peak.