Interesting statistic if it’s true

1 12 2006

Got this from someone at work yesterday – if it’s true, it puts a lot of pricing into perspective, including fuel prices. Unfortunately, no attribution.

Ink compared to blood and other fluids



One response

5 12 2006

On the point of the HP black ink…

I went to the office supply store to pick up new ink cartridges for my Canon printer this evening. The woman behind in me in the checkout line was buying cartridges for her HP printer.

My Canon cartridges were in their simple cardboard boxes, which I pulled from the rack in the public shopping area.

Her HP cartridges were fully encased in plastic boxes with handles; the boxes could only be removed by a widget the store staff kept behind the counter. As if that wasn’t enough “protection” against theft, she couldn’t even get her cartridges off the same rack that the rest of the ink cartridges were displayed on. She had to ask a clerk to retrieve the ones she needed from a room that was behind the customer service counter.

Sheesh. What makes HP ink so darn special?

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