Whirling dervishes

9 11 2006

Our house is now on the market and the professional photographers come in tomorrow, then the first “home open” is next Saturday (18th November). Today we had a landscaping company come in and “do” the garden – clean up the straggly stuff, trim, mulch, plant new plants and basically give the front garden – especially – a make-over, including a proper step at the gate.

They arrived at 8:30am and finished around 3:00pm. There were only three of them, but boy! have they made a difference! They weren’t cheap by a long shot, but they were quick and did a great job. I took some “before” photos this morning, but haven’t taken any “after” ones yet as the server was being reinstalled (more in next post) and it was raining this afternoon.

As I’ve always said, you only have one chance to make a first impression – and our front garden is that chance. Hope it’s all worth it…

Before and after photos…

Front garden - before
Front garden – before

Front garden - after
Front garden – after

Side - before
Side – before

Side - after
Side – after

Full set of photos (including some taken by professional photographer of the inside)



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