FNQ: Day 8: Monday 1 May, 2006

1 05 2006

What a GREAT day today! We went out to one of the Great Barrier Reef's outer reefs – Moore Reef, some 40kms out from Cairns – on Reef Magic Cruises. The water was almost like a millpond the whole day – hardly a breath of wind and no swell to speak of (unlike last week when the swell was 2m). It was cloudy, but that was OK.

The boat only held 140 people maximum, and there were about 110 on it, so it was quite small. The staff were terrific, and all in all the day was quite lovely. We wore lycra stinger suits and they helped keep off the sun too. But they were red – so we all looked like weird red "tele-tubbies" or red aliens!

Red Aliens

The highlight was swimming with and touching one of the HUGE Maori Wrasse that live near the pontoon. The reef there was fabulous with lots of bright, colourful fish – some of colours on those parrot fish have to be seen to be believed… fluoro pinks, blues, greens and yellows.

Me with a Maori Wrasse

A great day, finished off with a meal of Barramundi at Il Forno in Palm Cove. Bit like eating bacon after watching "Babe", but you get that!

So, this is the last day of vacation time. Tomorrow Dave has his pre-conference workshop and we have to pack up and move into the conference hotel in Cairns. All in all, it's been a wonderful week.



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