Elapsed time

25 04 2006

I figured I went almost 45 hours without sleep (except for a few very short cat naps on the long flight from the USA to Australia):

  • Chicago: getting up to departing: 10 hours
  • Chicago to LA: 5 hours
  • Waiting for next flight at LAX: 4 hours
  • LAX to Sydney: 14 hours
  • Waiting for next flight at Sydney: 2 hours
  • Sydney to Cairns: 3 hours
  • Staying awake until 7:30pm in Cairns: 6.5 hours

I think the only thing that kept me from being totally ragged was the shower I had at LAX and the one again in Sydney. There's just something about a shower that recharges the batteries. These days it's about the only benefit I get from being in the Qantas Club. Sure, there's the snack food (and I must say Qantas beats the American Airlines' Admiral's Club hands down on that score), and the free drinks, but it's the showers that really do it for me!



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