Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

12 04 2006

The cry rang out and the pseudo and real Aussies (four of us out of nearly 50) gathered by the pool at the Wyndham and availed ourselves of the free drinks from MadCap Software… which is what any good Aussie does! Aussie animal stickers and tattoos were attached to various parts of people's anatomy and clothing, and Vegemite was refused by those who'd tasted it before and eagerly snatched up by those who hadn't – boy! are they in for a surprise or what?

After cleaning out the bar of the freebies (as all good Aussies do), we headed in to the balmy Palm Springs night and found ourselves in the Los Casitas (sp?) Mexican restaurant just up the road. Pitchers of margaritas were swiftly brought to the tables to quench our thirst (it was a long walk… NOT!), along with corn chips and salsa. Not long after, some quesadillas found their way on to the tables too, and later some prawn (real Aussies don't call them "shrimp"), chicken and beef fajitas. And all along the other people in the restaurant (poor souls!) found themselves subjected to the rousing chorus of "Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!"… often!

After sorting out the bill (whatever it was + 17% gratuity divided by 45 people), we stalked into the night and crossed the road to the "Lost Highway" karaoke bar. More drinks were consumed, more rousing shouts went up… And some of us who really do want to attend the Wednesday sessions, slipped quietly in to the night and to bed.

Others – perhaps not so dedicated… or perhaps just drunk – kicked on. At least one person didn't return until 2:15am, just a little the worse for wear (you know who you are!). We'll see today who is hoarse and who's not there!



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