QV2018: Day 4: North West Trek

27 10 2018

Off to Eatonville, Washington on the bus this morning. Why? To go to North West Trek, an animal park about an hour or so’s drive south of Seattle. I was last there about 20 years’ ago, and I was pleased that it had hardly changed.

We started with the two grizzly bear cubs (less than 12 months old), which are only on display twice a day for about 2 hours each time) Next was the 3-carriage trolley safari bus thing to see the large prey animals on the 435 acres of open land — bison, elk, black-tailed deer, wild sheep, moose, etc. Awesome stuff, but as it rained quite a bit today, most of my photos didn’t turn out very well.

After the trolley tour, we were on our own until lunch. I walked to the wolf and fox exhibits, but saw nothing (if they had any sense, they were sheltered out of the rain). Next were the cats — I saw the back of a bobcat sleeping in the humpy, no cougars, and a lynx. The owls on display were the snowy owl (his photo came out looking like a bright white blob!), barn owl, golden eagle, and turkey vulture. Others also saw the otters and raccoons, but I didn’t get there,

After we got back to the hotel, a few of us went to the top of the Columbia Center (73rd floor) for some amazing views over Seattle. We had a few drinks up there as the sun set, then made out way back to the hotel to pack. The drink in the photos below was sort of like a margarita, but with red wine poured over a spoon on the top, and an ‘eyeball’ for Halloween (it was really a bubble gum encased in a hard sugar coating). It was as nice as it looked!

Roosevelt elk (male with antlers)

Bison bison

There’s a grizzly bear cub in there!

Bison bison

Seattle at sunset from the 73rd floor




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