Vermont: July 2017: Day 6

22 07 2017

Today’s activity — biking from Porters Point through Airport Park to meet the Island Line bike path, which goes across a causeway to South Hero Island in Lake Champlain (there’s a bike ferry too that takes you around the gap in the causeway for larger boats). According to the maps, it’s about a 10- to 12-mile round trip from where we were. It’s an easy to moderate bike trail, but for someone who hasn’t ridden a bike in more than 10 years, and who’s unfit, that 10 to 12 miles in the sun in the middle of a summer’s day was a killer. But I made it.


Barn on South Hero Island

Barn on South Hero Island

Our destination on South Hero was The Accidental Farmer burger stand where we had the daily special burger. It was good too, but even better was the wonderful red cup of lemonade that I scoffed down as soon as we got there. After we’d had lunch, we had a Maple Creemee (soft-serve ice cream). The sizes they have are Baby, Small, and Large, and the Baby size ($1.75) was just perfect.

And then it was back on the bikes to head back to Porters Point. I struggled, especially with the hills (which were really just long low gradients for the most part, but I kept running out of puff and gears).

As soon as we got home to the bottom of our street, I dumped my bike and walked straight down the access way into the lake — fully clothed. That cool fresh water was just bliss for this overheated body!

See also information about:

  • Barn stars:
  • South Hero Island (from Wikipedia): Grand Isle, also known as South Hero Island, is the largest island in Lake Champlain, Vermont. It has a land area of 31.61 square miles (81.9 km2). The island comprises the two towns of Grand Isle and South Hero. The total population at the 2000 census was 3,651. South Hero has a strong agricultural system that combines multi-generational farming operations with newer sustainable and organic ventures. Apples continue to be a mainstay crop with multiple orchards throughout the town.
  • Island Bike Trail and causeway:



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