Vermont: July 2017: Day 3

20 07 2017

Tourist day today!

Our first stop with brunch with another friend in central Burlington, at Monarch and the Hummingbird. I had their delicious lox and bagel.

Next stop was Shelburne Farms, where we did the daily wagon tour of the property. Fascinating place — the farm barn was MASSIVE and only housed the horses (sheep and cattle were either left in the fields or went in other barns; the carriages, sleighs, etc. were in yet another barn). The current Inn (the old mansion) is huge, and housed the family (Vanderbilts and Webbs) and all its visitors.  It was a hot day, so the covering over the open-sided wagon was much appreciated.

Part of the Inn

Part of the Inn

Farm Barn

Farm Barn

Next stop was a yarn store, followed by a stop at an artists’ collective in the Burlington Arts District. My friend purchased a couple of large pieces from Conant Metal and Light, and I got a couple of small things (my stuff has to fit in a suitcase!) from the eclectic and vintage wares store there.

We finished the day with a swim in Lake Champlain.



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21 07 2017

Gorgeous and hard to comprehend that lifestyle!!!! Just think of all that stash that could be squirreled away!!! LOL!!!!!

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