QV2016: Day 18: Houston International Quilt Festival

6 11 2016

Again, no photos today as I’ve been busy with classes. The morning one was on a design method taught by Laura Lee Fritz. It’s quite clever, but I’m not sure I’ll use it a lot. I did enjoy the class, though.

The second was a long-arm quilting design class by Dusty Farrell — I liked his approach (‘bread and butter’ quilting) and the opportunity we had to play on the long-arm machines.

I then tackled the vendor mall for the last time, and was pleasantly surprised by how quiet it was after 5pm on a Saturday — I must remember that for the next time, if there is a next time.

I passed on dinner tonight (I had a BIG serve of ‘to go’ guacamole from Pappasito’s at lunch), and instead shared 12 Cadbury salted caramel bites with one of the other girls from our group while we had a hot chocolate and a natter in my room.

Tomorrow I go back to look closely at the quilts that inspired me on Wednesday night. Then packing for the trip home. We have our final drinks and dinner as a group tonight, where farewells will be said, and hugs will be given.



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6 11 2016

You have done well, my long-distance bloggy friend!!!!!! Safe travels…….

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