A mighty tree falls

14 07 2014

I left my quilting retreat weekend early last Monday as there was a storm raging and predicted to get worse. It was about a 90-minute drive home for me, through some of the most forested regions in Western Australia and I didn’t want to be on that road when the very strong winds hit. I made it home safely, but not without some white knuckle moments.

I didn’t have a chance to take photos of it, but the estuary, which is usually very calm, had two to three foot waves that were crashing over the road. The high tide didn’t help…

Some days later I drove into town and saw this mighty (Tuart?) tree crashed into a paddock close to us. Fortunately, it didn’t crash onto the road. This tree must have been rotten inside, as the outside looked healthy and the leaves were all healthy too. Such a shame.



Update: About two weeks later, this was all that remained:



Update June 2015

Almost a year later, and new growth has sprung out of the old stump!







3 responses

14 07 2014
Mary Ed Williams

It is really sad to see such magnificent trees come down, but no one was hurt.

14 07 2014

Glad you made it safely. That’s one impressive tree!!!!

20 07 2014
Dawn C.

A big oak on my dad’s property fell like that shortly after his death from cancer. I always think of him when a big tree goes down like that – mighty and strong on the outside, but the inside core got damaged.

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