Community Quilt 143

26 05 2014

I started and finished this one at the Community Quilts stand at QuiltWest, so I was talking about my design choices and how I did the FMQ’ing as I was quilting it. That was an interesting experience. Even more interesting, Sandra, the lady who made the quilt top, came and watch me work on it too, then came back when it was finished to get a photo of it.

I can’t tell you what threads I used as I didn’t write them down. But as I was at the Craft Fair doing this, I was using a Bernina 750 Quilters Edition sewing machine, not my usual Sweet 16.

Because I was demonstrating, I needed to do a design that I had a lot of ‘muscle memory’ for, so I did my open headbands. That way, I didn’t need to concentrate on my quilting so much if I was talking. And because the fabrics in this quilt were so ‘busy’, I didn’t want to do a complex design to detract from the fabrics.

(Click on a photo to view it larger)


Sandra and her quilted quilt!








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27 05 2014

Nice job!!!!!

3 06 2014
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