Community Quilt 132

23 03 2014

This was quite a traditional snowball block quilt, with lots of small floral fabrics used in all the scrappy squares.

I stitched in the ditch around all the blocks first, then did the cathedral windows/orange peel motif in all the blocks of little squares (each scrap square was about 1.5 inches square),with a half flower in the half square triangles setting off the snowballs. In each snowball, I did a single loopy spine and bulbous feathers. All stitching was done in the same variegated pastels (pink, yellow, green, blue, and cream) thread. In the black floral border, I did flames all the way along. I didn’t stitch the pink border.

(Click on a photo to view it larger)


quilt132_02  quilt132_04


Threads used:

  • Top: Fil-Tec ‘Harmony’ (‘Spring’, colour 14062; 40 wt cotton)
  • Bottom: Fil-Tec ‘Glide’ pre-wound bobbin in white




5 responses

23 03 2014

I really like that you didn’t go for a feathered wreath in the snowball blocks (not enough “movement” in that stitching & a bit formal for this quilt). Love the “Cathedral window” stitching!!!! Perfectly charming!! Hugs…………….

24 03 2014

Hi, Rhonda,

What a lovely quilt and the quilting is wonderful! Can you possibly tell me how you did the circular feathers in the hexagon? I am trying to learn on my fairly new (four months and counting!) Tiara. Thanks!

Mary Ed Williams Pittsboro, NC

25 03 2014

Hi Mary Ed

I just did a semi-circular loopy spine from a point at the edge of the octagon, then the feathers on the outside to the feather at the top of the spine, then as that almost hit the spine, I segued into the inner spine and completed a couple more feathers to fill the remaining space. If you look at the second picture closely, you can see what I did.


25 03 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Thank you so much! And also thank you for the heads up about AO 180 – I have the same very hard water (like it comes out of the spigot in briquettes) and I’ve tried everything.
Love your blog!

28 03 2014
Dawn C.

Very pretty quilt. You really enhanced it.

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