Community Quilt 44

1 01 2013

I wasn’t too fussed by this crazy 9-patch quilt’s colours etc. However, when I viewed it hanging on the line, I changed my opinion — I quite like how it looks like an abstract painting.

This was a busy quilt with all those solid colours, so I just did a squared off variation of my open headbands motif using a variegated thread in gold, green, and tan autumnal colours.

Click on a photo to view it larger.






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1 01 2013
Community Quilt 49 « At Random

[…] wasn’t my favourite quilt (something to do with the colours, I expect), though like the other crazy 9-patch quilt, this one looked so much better once it was on the line and viewed from a distance. Again, it […]

2 01 2013

this does look great from a distance – the quilting works really well with the jagged geomertry of the piecing – you always choose excellent designs to enhance the quilts – I think this is a really great man quilt!

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