Two more sleeps!

5 09 2012

I fly out to Bali on Friday for a ‘family holiday’. My sister and I will fly together and join our parents in their timeshare in Bali for 6 days (my parents have already been there a couple of weeks). It will be the first family holiday we’ve had together since my sister and I were teenagers… and that was a LONG time ago!

We’ll either discover new things about each other and a new appreciation for each other — or be ready to kill each other after sharing a 2-bedroom suite for 6 days 😉

We’ve had some atrocious weather here for the start of spring — four plus days of pretty constant cold, wet, and windy weather, with thunder and lightning, hail, and power outages (we lost power for about 90 mins yesterday). Some of the winds came close to rivalling the storms in June, but as our big tree got trashed in that storm and as the gazebo is propped up at the moment (still waiting on a quote to get it fixed — the insurance company won’t cover it), I don’t think we’ve had much damage. That said, I’ve hardly been outside except to put out the bins, get the paper etc. in the past 5 days. Yesterday it was 10C at noon! That’s VERY cold for us.

As a result, I’m pretty much over the weather and am really looking forward to warm balmy days in Bali 😉 Hopefully there won’t be much humidity or wind and rain. The sunscreen, bathers, shorts, and sandals are all packed! I’ve got everything into a carry-on bag (squeezed darn tight!!), and have packed another bag in case I buy stuff — like maybe some batik quilting fabrics 😉

My sister and I have both got a 30 kg luggage allowance with our fare, so there might be a bit of fabric winging its way back from Bali with us 😉

Don’t expect me to post photos etc. while I’m away — I’m not taking my computer and I’m all thumbs when I try to type on my phone. And I would only use my phone if I can get a SIM in Bali with some sort of data plan. However, I should have a few to upload when I get back.




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