My first chillies!

13 02 2011

Some months back I bought a chilli seedling, and planted it out. The slaters etc. nearly ate it all while it was still a very young plant, so I put a little cardboard carton around it to protect it from voracious bugs. I’ve been watering it, but nothing else. A few weeks back it had flowers, then some green fruits, and now some red chillies!

This is what I picked off the little plant yesterday, with more to come. Supposedly it’s a hot chilli — I’ll find out tonight with I cook with a couple of them.



One response

16 02 2011

Hi Rhonda, Multi-Guard iron chelate is pet and fauna safe pellets for slugs and slaters that will save your seedlings, and breaks down to leave just iron as micro-nutrient. Mine was in an organic raised garden bed veggie patch. Knocked out the plague of slaters in the mulch I had used. They still survived to do composting, but stopped them wiping out the seedlings with their numbers.
I have some macro HD video of them in action, before the Multi-Guard was applied 😉

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