You too can look like a poodle!

22 04 2010

Saw this in Spotlight’s most recent catalogue (Crafting with Mum), advertising yarn and offering a free project sheet to make this outfit. Great outfit — if you want to look like a POODLE!



3 responses

22 04 2010

That’s fantastic. I wonder if using long woolly fibre would make you look more like an Afghan hound?

22 04 2010

Too funny!!! 😉 And a short curly fibre — in cream/beige – might make you look like a sheep. Though the cuff things are the really ‘poodle’ quality of this set!

13 08 2010

I see bad taste extends to all the wearable arts. I bead in my free time, and some of the projects I see in the beading magazines are really atrocious — big, clunky, junky-looking. Some of them fall into the same tacky category as elementary school craft projects that have kids making bracelets out of penne pasta!

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