Recent additions to my Etsy store

11 09 2009

Over the past two or three months I’ve been really busy with work and haven’t had a lot of time to sew or to blog about it. I’ve only been making small things that I can knock out in hour-long blocks on spare weekend moments — things like luggage tags, bookmarks, and the occasional set of coasters. I’ve been trying to use up odds and ends of fabric that just can’t be used for anything else.

As a result, I’ve added quite a few more mostly ‘$10 and under’ gift ideas and ‘stocking stuffers’ to my Etsy store in the past few months. Here’s a preview — if you’d like to purchase any of these items or want to see more photos, visit my store.



2 responses

14 09 2009

Hallo Sandgroper,
These are beautiful. I’ve gotta admire the bookmarks, of course, feeling a special kinship with them. 😉 Do you find that smaller items like these will move more quickly than the bigger ones?
Seeya somewhere near a good book!

14 09 2009

Hi Mark Wordsworm!

You could always get a companion to share a book pile with you! Maybe something along the female lines would suit?

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