Room with a view

30 03 2009

I mentioned that we were in this massive suite and that we’re 40+ floors up in space. What I didn’t mention is that the view from the room extends from downtown all the way across the harbour and Puget Sound (?) to the Space Needle. I took a few photos and tried to ‘stitch’ them together for a panorama — it’s not very good, but it will give you some sense of the view we have!

Seattle panorama

Seattle panorama

You can view this photo in a bigger resolution, and all the photos I took for it here:



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10 04 2009

Y’know, I have pictures from my trip to Seattle for the STC Conference in 2005.

Those same cranes are looming over those same buildings in my photos.

No progress in 4 years? Sounds like Boston…

10 04 2009

Except I saw guys working on the one directly in front of the hotel — the one in the middle in this panorama. So something’s happening on that one at least. And we were 42 floors up, so maybe it was at a lower level then. Even so, it’s still a long time since 2005.

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