Wonky stars for bushfire quilts

28 02 2009

An American quilter based with the US military in Alice Springs (Australia) decided to do something for the families left homeless and without possessions as a result of the devastating bushfires in Victoria.

So she put out an appeal to all her quilting friends for blocks, and it has spread far and wide (see http://campfollowerbags.blogspot.com/2009/02/bushfire-quilt-project.html).

Her suggestion was for 12.5 inch maverick or wonky star blocks, and someone else put up a tutorial on how to create a wonky star. She has a team of quilters who will put the blocks together in a ‘quilt-a-thon’, but she must receive them by the end of March 2009 as she’s due to return to the US soon.

I did two blocks, and will post them on Monday. Here are the photos:

Wonky Star 1: Peppers

Wonky Star 1: Peppers

Wonky Star 2: Chillis

Wonky Star 2: Chillis



2 responses

28 02 2009

They look great! I thought they were such a good idea. I think these would appeal to Lynda.
What a fabulous response they have had to that appeal, from all around the world. People are nice.

28 02 2009

I’ll send Lynda the links! Great idea!

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