Free book from Suze Orman

9 01 2009

Suze Ormans’ 2009 Action Plan for managing your money is available as a free PDF download from here:

I first saw Suze Orman on a cable channel some years ago — boy, what a dynamo she is, and boy, does she tell it straight to people who are looking for ways to get out of their personal and business financial messes.

I haven’t read this yet as I only heard about it today (thanks Wade C), but based on her practical, down-to-earth, no-punches-pulled advice on her TV show, I’d expect this to be a pretty decent book.

It’s free until January 15, 2009, so download it now.

Quote unquote

9 01 2009

Oooo! I just received an email from a Lone Writer colleague telling me that a sentence I posted at the end of a response to someone on a discussion list is going into his quotes file. Ah, the fame! The quote?

Beds of roses have thorns when you look closely.