Map of where the bushfire went

20 01 2009

Today, some of the local shops had maps displayed of where the fire went. I got a copy from the DEC website and reproduce it here. The big red lines at the bottom are the streets in our town (other red lines are main roads), the green dot at the top is Greenbushes, the red dots are the closed roads, and the black shaded area is where the fire went…

Extent of the Bridgetown bushfire

Extent of the Bridgetown bushfire



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21 01 2009

That’s just too close. Glad that it moved in the other direction.

21 01 2009
Susan Bruce

I can’t believe you didn’t notice it until it was almost on top of you. That speaks to your powers of concentration when you’re working.

21 01 2009

Not so much. I had the awning down at the back of the house to stop the direct sun coming in, and had my back to the back door. To see the smoke from the kitchen window requires me to get up and go there, or turn around at least 90 degrees. All the smoke was to the west – our back – and we couldn’t smell anything as the smoke was going up very high and wasn’t in our yard. All the doors and windows were closed because it was such a stinking hot day and we had the air conditioning on.

13 02 2009
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28 02 2009
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9 04 2009
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