Log Cabin Quilt: 5

26 11 2008

I’ve now joined all the strips together but before I did so, I decided to save some heartache and add the border pieces to the ends of each strip, then the top and bottom border strips to the top and bottom 4-block wide widths (got that?!). Initially, I thought I might do some blocks with similar colours in the border, but it looked too much, so I went with plain black. A lot less work!

Here’s the finished top, all joined together and pinned to my friend Bobbie’s design wall (thanks, Bobbie!). I should have taken a picture without the flash too, as the pink blocks look very much the same even though there’s quite a bit of contrast in them.

Finished Queen bed top

Finished Queen bed top

Next step is to remove every piece of paper from the back of 144 blocks! That’s 13 largish pieces of paper for every block, plus the 1/4″ narrow pieces for the seam joins… over 2000 pieces altogether. Each strip of paper has to be torn away from the stitching, without damaging or ripping out the stitches, so you can’t just rush this job. A great job to do—with tweezers—in front of the TV!

Removing foundation paper pieces

Removing foundation paper pieces

And being a masochist (!), I’ve decided to piece the back of this quilt too! I’m using ‘coffee and cream’ colours (in total contrast to the log cabin top, making a nice reversible quilt when it’s finished). I’ve cut out and started to join the 144 x 6.5 inch blocks for a quick Disappearing Nine Patch quilt. Unlike the log cabin, this will come together very quickly. Photos to come in another post…

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4 responses

26 11 2008
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26 11 2008
Steph BG

Another lovely design. Have you given any further thought to the commissions?

27 11 2008

Wahooo! I bet you are glad you have finished piecing this quilt. Looks great Rhonda!! Look forward to seeing it quilted.

30 11 2008
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