Oh, what a beautiful morning

22 05 2006

I'm looking out my window at the moment and the sky is grey and cloudy, and rain is predicted tonight. But the grey reminded me of the 15 minute drive to work this morning and the most beautiful sunrise you could imagine!

It only lasted for a few minutes, then faded out. But for those few minutes the colours were simply amazing – every possible shade of orange, yellow, pink, and mauve, with patches of clear blue between the light fluffy clouds, and the city skyscrapers blackly silhouetted by that magnificent sky.

It was one of those times where you wish you had a camera to try and record the brilliant colours. But by the time you got a camera, the moment would have passed. (Actually I did have my camera with me, but it was in its bag in my briefcase and I was driving along the freeway in four lanes of fast-moving early morning traffic heading over a bridge at the time… not a good time to be trying to take a photo!)



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