Mmmm… Indian tucker!

30 03 2006

We decided to get our last 'fix' of Indian food last night, at a little restaurant in South Perth called the Suriyen (Meadowvale Shopping Centre, 298 Mill Point Rd [9367 3809] for the locals). We know it'll be at least 5 or 6 weeks before we can get any decent Indian food – our previous experiences in the US have confirmed that they do great SouthWest/Tex-Mex but horrible Indian!

As usual they were doing a good trade in takeaways, but we were the only people in the restaurant. Such a shame – this place has GREAT food, friendly waiters, and good prices. But it's rare that we've seen it full. It opens 7 nights a week, so it must be a real strain for the owners to keep going.

Back to the food – our favourites are the Chilli Chicken Dry (hot) and the Beef Vindaloo (also hot); the Goat Curry is pretty darned good too. Served with Kashmiri Pilau and Cheese Naan it's food that we can – and do – eat often!

We're already looking forward to returning for our Indian 'fix' the first few days we're back from the trip.

(BTW, "tucker" is Aussie slang for "food")



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8 09 2007
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