Season-ending victory for the Eagles

2 10 2006

Footy’s over for another year.

On Saturday, in front of a crowd of almost 100,000 people, the West Coast Eagles defeated Sydney by 1 point! What a game! Even though I’m not an Eagles fan, it was great to see one of the two local (West Australian) teams win – especially as they lost to the Sydney Swans by only 4 points in last year’s Grand Final. Maybe Freo will get their turn next year…
Side note: It seems that the last time a Grand Final was decided by one point was 1966 – 40 years ago. So it was a thriller!

It was a wonderful dream while it lasted

25 09 2006

After a stellar last half of the season and breaking many club records, the Freo Dockers were defeated in their semi-final against Sydney on Friday night. Sydney just played better and stopped the Dockers’ running game. While it was a disappointing end to their fantastic season, some good came out of it. Members and supporters got a lot of joy from the way the boys played after the mid-season break – and of course, that raises our expectations for next year!

The dream of a Western Derby Grand Final wasn’t to be (how good would that have been?!), but at least one of the West Australian teams will be there again this year – the West Coast Eagles play the Sydney Swans in the BIG ONE at the MCG on Saturday afternoon. Go the Eagles!

Footy, Freo, Finals!

20 09 2006

I heard last night that Hoyts Cinemas at Carousel were going to use some of their movie theatres to show the game against Sydney at 6pm on Friday night – sorry, looks as though my source was wrong – they’re showing the Grand Final next week! No idea how much for a seat $10 for standard seats; $30 for La Premiere seats. Watching the game on a screen that size would be awesome!

The boys fly to Sydney today, to play on a ground they have never played on in their 12 years in the AFL competition. That doesn’t seem fair.

I’m running out of superlatives!

15 09 2006

Just got home from the unbelievable Freo Dockers win at Subiaco Oval tonight! Adrenalin rush. Endorphin high. Euphoria. Screaming with delight.

My voice is gone!!! I’m sure that the chant that rose from the 42,500 strong crowd was heard all over Perth, it was that loud.

In case you haven’t figured it out, the Dockers won! Another record in a year of records. This time their first ever Finals win, and their first ever foray into the second round of the Finals competition. Belly’s 250th game.

Next week they play Sydney – and if they win, then it’s the Grand Final in Melbourne at the MCG in front of 100,000 people!

Oh, what a feeling!!! Can’t wait. Well done guys – you’ve put us on an unbelievable high!

Sorry – forgot the score… 102 points to 74, Freo over Melbourne. Nothing else matters.

Got tickets!

12 09 2006

Woohoo! I’ve got a ticket for Friday night’s Finals game between Freo and Melbourne!! As a member, we get first priority on tickets; there was never going to be an issue this year as the ground holds 42,000 and there are about 36,000 members (rising rapidly!). Tickets go on sale to the general public on Wednesday.

The best bit – we are in the same block where we sit for the games during the season; probably not the same seats, but the same block (thanks Michelle and Genevieve!). Which means we know where to go, where the toilets and food and drink outlets are, and we know that we’ll be under cover. One of the things that really p***es me off about the AFL powers-that-be is that members who have sat in the same seats all year, CANNOT get priority on those seats for a home final. All seats go back into the pool and it’s a lucky dip as to where you get – you could be outside in the rain, on the very narrow seats in the old stand, up really high in the 3-tier stand etc. I don’t think that’s right – if your team has won the right to a home final and you are a member with season seats at that ground, then you should get preference on keeping those seats for the Finals. The other thing about keeping your same seats is that you do get to know (on a nodding basis at least) the people who sit near you all year. It’s nice to share victories with those you have at least a passing acquaintance with, instead of complete strangers.

Winning streak ends

10 09 2006

The unbelievable winning streak (9 games in a row) of the Freo Dockers came to a thudding halt yesterday afternoon, when they were beaten by Adelaide in the qualifying final. The Dockers led the entire game until the final quarter when Adelaide’s superior running power and kicking put them in front, then Adelaide sealed the game with a few more goals to put the game out of reach.

On Friday the Dockers get their final chance to remain in contention for the flag when they play Melbourne at Subiaco Oval in front of their home crowd. Yesterday’ s crowd in Adelaide was very vocal and it must have affected the psyche of our boys. I hope 42,000 Dockers supporters can return the favour and pysch out Melbourne this Friday night!

Sweet sweet victory!

2 09 2006

Go the mighty Dockers! Another host of records got broken… This time it was their 9th win in a row, putting them 3rd on the final end-of-season ladder and giving them two chances in the Finals. And 41,112 for a home game – that’s a record too (except for derbies which are always a sell-out). And the only time EVER that they’ve had 15 wins in the 12 years that they’ve been in the competition.

It looks like they’ll be playing the Adelaide Crows in Adelaide next week, then who knows who they’ll be playing the following week – or where. Depends on how the first round of Finals matches go. A home Final would be tops!

So far, no injuries to this current team, which is good. And the boys are on a confidence-boosting high – probably nearly as much as the fans!

Tonight they killed Port Adelaide by about 80 points. That’s about as sweet as it gets. Pavlich had his 150th game and booted 5 goals; Farmer had his 100th “Wizardly” game with Freo (and his 218th [?] AFL game) and booted 6 goals.

You can’t get much better than that!

PS. Last night’s News said that the demand for air tickets to Melbourne for Grand Final week is unprecedented and Qantas has put on another 11 flights – many West Aussies are predicting an Eagles/Dockers Grand Final, which would stick it RIGHT UP the Victorians! Can’t wait…

Unbelievable win!

28 08 2006

They are the “dicker Dockers” no more! Yesterday the Fremantle Dockers played their cross-town arch rivals, the West Coast Eagles, in Perth – and thrashed them by 57 points! To make the victory even sweeter, the Dockers notched up a few more records:

  • First time to beat the Eagles in a derby twice in the one year (there are only two derbies each year, so bragging rights are pretty important)
  • Eighth win in a row!
  • Third on the AFL premiership ladder with only one game of the season to go
  • Beat ladder-leaders West Coast against a West Coast home crowd of 43,000 (about 3,000 of whom were Dockers members – the lucky ones who could get tickets!)
  • Definitely in the Finals, and if they win their last game against Port Adelaide this coming weekend, they will get two stabs at the Finals and maintain their third position in the minor premiership.

Who’d have thought it only a few weeks ago? At the end of Round 13, they were sitting at 6 wins and 7 losses, and their season was looking dire. No-one’s quite sure what happened. But somewhere in the last 2 months, the Dockers grew up. And now, despite all the pundits writing them off for so many years, they seem to have gained some respect. Sitting at 3rd on the ladder with one game to go will do that…

If the Dockers win against Port Adelaide at home next week, and if West Coast win, and if Adelaide (2nd on the ladder) win, the Dockers will maintain 3rd position and will therefore play Adelaide in Adelaide the first week of the Finals (Sept 9 weekend). Lots of ifs… and a few games to go.

Who’d have thought that there is now a chance of the Dockers making the Grand Final in only their second Finals appearance? Both Adelaide and West Coast had 15 or more Finals appearances before they won a Grand Final, so the odds aren’t good mathematically. But we can only dream…

Way to go, Freo!

19 08 2006

What a game! What a win!

We beat the Saints handsomely – doubled their score, in fact. And what a rush – 39,000 fans (minus a few St Kilda diehards) cheering their team on, chanting “Freeee-O”, and doing the Mexican wave (sort of…). A sea of purple, and such a buzz.

This was their seventh win in a row (another record) and as of right now they are 3rd on the ladder and IN THE FINALS!!! Two more games to go – the Derby against the Eagles, and the final game against Port Adelaide, then the Finals. BRING IT ON!!!!

Is the dream still alive?

19 08 2006

We’ll know in less than 5 hours if the Freo Dockers are *definitely* in the Finals or not. So far, they are but there are three rounds to go, and some unexpected wins by one or two other teams, and losses by Freo could mean that we miss out… again. The past two years it’s gone down to the last game before we knew that we’d missed the finals. Freo only has to win one game of the next three and they’re in – for the second time ever in their history.

So tonight is the first of those final three games of the season. It’s against St Kilda and we have a history of going to the wire with them in the past few games where we’ve met. It’s been raining on and off all day, so the ground will be wet, the ball will be wet, the players will be wet, and the game will probably be low-scoring because of the slippery conditions. Hopefully no-one incurs an injury this close to the Finals, but the conditions are such that it’s quite possible.

Bouncedown is in less than 2 hours, and all will be known in five hours… and with that, I’m outta here! Gotta get to the game to cheer the team on!