Love this quote

20 06 2010

Deirdre Scherer, in Quilting Arts Magazine (April/May 2010, p65), said:

“From birth until death, we are wrapped in cloth — it directly stirs our sense of touch — which makes fabric an intimate and deeply associative language.”

She continued:

“My primary medium is thread on fabric. Scissors and sewing machine are my drawing tools.”

I like that!

Etsy Treasury #22

20 06 2010

My orange fish has been featured again in an Etsy Treasury. Everyone who’s seen it loves it — but no-one’s parted with any money for it yet! 😉 It’s totally unique — if I make another fish, it won’t be like this one as I used up the last scraps of some fabrics on it.

Thanks for featuring my fish, RogueMagnolia!