Addicted to fabric — ya think?

18 07 2009

I’ve been getting some custom orders from my Etsy store, and each time I have to ask the potential buyer what their preferences are in fabric, then I take photos of fabric in my stash I think will suit, then email them those, then they get back to me etc. etc.

So this weekend I bit the bullet and decided (on my husband’s advice!) to take photos of ALL my fabric. And I set up a Flickr account just for these photos. There are over 200!!!!!!

But at least it’s done, so if anyone wants a custom order, I’ll just refer them to the Flickr page. And as I get new fabric or use up existing, it’ll only be a matter of adding/deleting one or two at a time. Phew – it’s done!

You can see my fabric on Flickr here: